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John Self 19th Dec 2006 20:38

Cultural Confessions
There's a proper name for this game but I forget it. Scott Pack on his blog recently started a spate of cultural confessions: the game where you admit to never having done something everyone is 'supposed' to have done. It needn't be cultural, I suppose, but it helps. For example Pack admitted to never having read any Jane Austen or Shakespeare...

Your turn. After an undetermined period the most shameful confession will win a non-existent prize.

I have never... seen a Star Wars movie (all the way through).

Noumenon 19th Dec 2006 20:48

Re: Cultural Confessions
...stolen a traffic cone.

HP 19th Dec 2006 21:43

Re: Cultural Confessions

I have never... seen a Star Wars movie (all the way through).

Nor me ... and you know what? I don't care!

Daveybot 19th Dec 2006 22:06

Re: Cultural Confessions
...liked milk chocolate.

John from Paris 20th Dec 2006 0:55

Re: Cultural Confessions

Originally Posted by John Self (Post 51458)
There's a proper name for this game but I forget it.

In David Lodge's Changing Places this game is known as Humiliation. An American academic rather rashly admits to not having read Hamlet... and it costs him his tenure...
There's a humorous variation, called Deprivation, I think, in Jonathan Coe's The Closed Circle.

Daveybot 20th Dec 2006 7:31

Re: Cultural Confessions (or at least finished) a Charles Dickens novel.

Digger 20th Dec 2006 9:22

Re: Cultural Confessions
We used to play this as a drinking game at Uni, simply called I have Never.... Only one rule: while you think, drink!

I was thinking about Dickens, but I've just done that... um.... thinking.... drinking.... getting drunker...

leyla 20th Dec 2006 10:11

Re: Cultural Confessions
I have never driven a car without a white-knuckled BSM instructor or examiner next to me...
...enjoyed any film involving trolls or fantasy figures as an adult....
...knowingly eaten bread with butter or margarine any pre 19th Century classic of my own volition since the age of 21...


John Self 20th Dec 2006 10:20

Re: Cultural Confessions

...knowingly eaten bread with butter or margarine
Now that is an odd one!

Stewart 20th Dec 2006 10:54

Re: Cultural Confessions
I don't like bread with butter or margerine either.

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