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Wavid 12th Dec 2005 12:40

Registered members on Palimpsest can choose to have an avatar - a small graphic that appears next to their posts to help identify them. It helps if you choose one that hasn't already been taken by another member!

You can choose your avatar through the User Control Panel. There is a very modest selection available to choose from, or you can find or design one for yourself.

Some forums allow you to upload avatars to the server, but in order to retain some kind of control over the images displayed on the site, we would rather you post it as an image in a reply to this thread. The admin types can then pick it up and drop it into the appropriate place for you.

stella 14th Dec 2005 21:53

Re: Avatars
Thanks Wavid. But, gah! Is there an option to upload an image from your computer rather than by URL?

Colyngbourne 15th Dec 2005 8:39

Re: Avatars
You could possibly use a free remote hosting site such as Flickr or Photobucket to upload your photos, Stella, and thence to here.

Wavid 15th Dec 2005 9:00

Re: Avatars
Spot on, Col. Or just email it to me.

kumquat 15th Dec 2005 9:51

Re: Avatars
Wow a whole world of opportunity but I've become rather fond of sideshow Mel. I think it would be too unsettling for my already fragile psychological state.

Wavid 15th Dec 2005 10:05

Re: Avatars
I might be getting rid of John Suchet after Christmas. Must admit to being thoroughly bored of seeing his mug next to all my posts. But what could replace him? Suggestions on a postcard please...

Stewart 15th Dec 2005 10:07

Re: Avatars
How about an avatar Nazi?

ASHTAR 15th Dec 2005 10:23

Re: Avatars
We have always already suggested that the Wavids of the forum world deploy the ever-popular ASHTAR avatar (constituted as such)...

John Self 15th Dec 2005 10:27

Re: Avatars
I did briefly get rid of Smithers when the site was moved over to vBulletin a few months ago, in place of a stripey avatar of my own devising, but it somehow seemed wrong. Strange for something that was chosen in a moment of randomness a couple of years ago. I do, I think, like the fact that Smithers' benign face beside my posts can make some of my less charitable comments about books and authors seem less offensive.

Digger 15th Dec 2005 10:33

Re: Avatars
It was strange, on the first BDO, how much I had expected people's avatars, it wasn't that I expected John Suchet or Sideshow Mel to turn up, but that strangely people would vaguely resemble them... ridiculous yes, espescially as I don't really resemble a toy JCB... very much.

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