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Noumenon 1st Feb 2016 22:52

2016 Palimplist Conversations
OKAY, let's get this show on the road, shall we? :-)

I know that it may be many moons before this gets an answer, but: I see that Ang has given Miranda July's The First Bad Man the full five stars. I bought it a while back after reading our lost, lamented John Self's review, but after taking a run at it I have to admit I faltered, and reading a few more snidy observations since then I've not managed to go back.

I remember finding it "disengaging", shall we say, though I think that (or whatever the other word is I should be using) is a big part of the point. But I assume that you would call it worth returning to, would you, Ang?



Ang 2nd Feb 2016 22:49

Re: 2016 Palimplist Conversations
Yes, I think so, but it depends how much time you already gave it. I found it engaging from the beginning. I have a soft spot for a protagonist who is a bit nuts but doesn't know it. In this case, she's more than a bit nuts, all the better.

vencut2 9th Feb 2016 12:03

Re: 2016 Palimplist Conversations
It drove me a bit potty. I read it late last year (library), and there were things that startled, and compelled, and drove me on to finish it. I can't say I LIKED it, though.

Noumenon 10th Feb 2016 12:28

Re: 2016 Palimplist Conversations
I'm going to start it over this year. I'm balanced between a few other "heavy" reads at the moment, though: I'm halfway through part two of The Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe (that's the lightest of them) and at about the same point with Paul Kingsnorth's The Wake, plus I started a non-fiction book about how teens use social media (the title of which escapes me in this moment) for writerly-research purposes, so I'll slot it in when one of those is out of the way.

JunkMonkey 11th Feb 2016 22:49

Re: 2016 Palimplist Conversations
I wish I was reading anything worth discussing. At the moment I'm endlessly, and obsessively, reading and reading comics. Not 'Graphic Novels' - comics.

I'm sure, at some point, my fascination with Jack Kirby will dwindle but at the moment I'm utterly fascinated by his work at DC in the 1970s, and discovering that there was far more to the Vertigo imprint than Gaiman's Sandman.

gil 16th Feb 2016 0:15

Re: 2016 Palimplist Conversations
I've discovered Nick Harkaway. I thought I was going to hate 'The Gone Away World', and nearly discarded it within a few pages, but it's turned out to be complex and rich, if a bit.. a lot, actually.... crazy.

And I've returned to Poul Anderson's 'Flandry' series.

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