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NottyImp 24th Nov 2005 14:05

Happy Birthday HoneyPotts!
Well, so it says on the front page. Wotcha doing?

John Self 24th Nov 2005 14:28

Re: Happy Birthday HoneyPotts!
Sailing round the world, or the warm and calm parts of it anyway, so far as I know. Should be back soon I think?

NottyImp 24th Nov 2005 14:35

Re: Happy Birthday HoneyPotts!
Nice. Well, best wishes in absentia, then.

HP 28th Nov 2005 21:30

Re: Happy Birthday HoneyPotts!
Hey Notty!

Thanks and very much appreciated, my favourite tag buddy. Felt them birthday wishery vibes a-wafting over the ether, I did. Ooooh - wafting something wonderful they was!

m. 28th Nov 2005 21:58

Re: Happy Birthday HoneyPotts!
O, you're back! Happy Birthday from me too! :-D

HP 28th Nov 2005 22:14

Re: Happy Birthday HoneyPotts!
Thanks, m. Have just had a wonderful wade through the Perfume thread - seems you certainly started something there!

Digger 28th Nov 2005 22:49

Re: Happy Birthday HoneyPotts!
Welcome back indeed HP, we've missed you. :-)

HP 29th Nov 2005 16:17

Re: Happy Birthday HoneyPotts!
Ta Digger! Missed you all, twoo. On our travels we came across a cyber cafe tucked away in a little bay. Oh, the restraint! After checking home emails for some rather urgent stuff, and a quick google for a proper weather report, I was THAT close to tapping into The Palimp. Oooh, you'll never know the reserves of self-discipline I had to muster. It hurt, it hurt, I tells yer ....

Have just finished loading up the first batch of Flickr holiday snaps- so here's a piccie of that cyber hidey-hole ...

HP 29th Nov 2005 16:25

Re: Happy Birthday HoneyPotts!
Drats.Still a cack-handed cyber sod. Given the Flickr link in the text is a bummer, just use the one in my sig, will you.

John Self 2nd Dec 2005 13:42

Re: Happy Birthday HoneyPotts!
And happy birthday again, HoneyPotts - this time, it's the first anniversary of your sudden appearance into Palimpspace! How will you be celebrating?

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