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leyla 18th Sep 2006 14:13

techy questions
As in technological, not tetchy/grumpy. Can any technophile out there explain this to me please. We have just had a few days in France and I tried out my new laptop. The flat we always stay in is part of a large apartment complex in the east of Nice. There is no phone line in the flat and noone in the flat has a computer,so the laptop was the first to enter the flat. I had resigned myself to not having any internet access while there and had only brought the laptop so I could lug it to the local McDonalds (the shame - choosing McDonalds over French restaurants) , not due to any love for cows' lip burgers (a friend found what looked like a cow's lips in his burger once) but because they have free wifi access. However, to my amazement, when I switched the laptop on in the flat, I got a message saying there was a local internet connection available and did I want to connect. It is a Netgear connection. The only minor cloud in my gleeful sky of free internet access is that the message stated that the connection was 'not secure'. Does anyone know what this means? Boyfriend is paranoid as he says people can hack into what I write and access my computer, but frankly, I don't care as I don't write anything hugely private. We are both however slightly nervy about potential irate French neighbours kicking at the door shouting 'Sacre Bleu, les voleurs ont pris notre connection internet, c'est vraiement incroyable ce que les rosbifs peuvent faire, mais c'est pas surprisant dans une pays ou le ministre principale reside dans la derriere de George Bush', etc. The laptop also offers a few other local internet connections, but all these other ones are secure and any attempt to connect via them is thwarted by the need for passwords. Am I being tres tres wicked or un peu stupide by using this free internet of unknown origin and provenance? Could people hack into m computer and deliver evil worms and viruses or get into my internet banking details?:shock: Any advice will be gratefully received. Thanks in advance. And apolgies/blushes for being a computer ignoramus.:oops:

OmS 18th Sep 2006 14:41

Re: techy questions
Hi Leyla.

Lots and lots of people have their own WiFi access points now (the bits that transmit the internet access) and very few people bother to password-protect them. As a result any old Palimpster can come along and start using their internet connection. I've got a feeling that its against the law, but I don't know how such a law would be enforced. Its true that it may leave your computer open to scutiny by other computer using the same network, so I should be wary.

gil 18th Sep 2006 14:58

Re: techy questions
Well, I shouldn't use your PayPal account on ANY WiFi. I should think that you are as safe in the apartment, or safer, than you are in a MacDonalds.

I am happy to do forum logins, as I can change the password if anyone abuses my account, but eBay, Paypal, and eMail (if you care who reads it) are no go areas.

Read this.

and THIS

leyla 18th Sep 2006 20:12

Re: techy questions
Thanks very much for the advice,gil and OmS. I will read the articles you have flagged up, gil, cheers.

leyla 22nd Sep 2006 19:05

Re: techy questions
erm, sorry about this but does anyone know how to highlight text on a laptop, ie without a mouse? am trying to copy and paste some reviews from another site and altho the 'edit' menu has 'copy' and 'paste' on it, it doesn't say how to actually highlight the text that you want to copy and paste. :shock: Thanks in advance, techies.

kaninaki 22nd Sep 2006 19:21

Re: techy questions
CTRL+A selects all text
CTRL+C is copy
CTRL+V is paste

but if you want selected text

just place cursor at beginning then press and hold down SHIFT and use arrow keys to select letter by letter across.

Or press and hold down SHIFT and CTRL then use arrow keys to left and down to select greater chunks of text.

Any of that useful?

John Self 22nd Sep 2006 19:35

Re: techy questions
You have no mouse but presumably a touchpad? Just click at the start of the text, hold in the button and drag the cursor along to the last word, using the touchpad...

leyla 22nd Sep 2006 19:40

Re: techy questions
hmm, thank you both.. can't q make it work - k's suggestion doesn't highlight on my computer, while J's works until the end of the paragaph but then highlighing stops despite me still squeezing button and trying to shift cursor along. will try again, thanks both of you, i'm sure you're both correct but my computer incompetence is preventing it from working...

leyla 22nd Sep 2006 19:45

Re: techy questions
Yo, success, thanks very much.:-D

Noumenon 23rd Sep 2006 4:04

Re: techy questions
I've got to say a big thank you to Gil - and to Leyla for creating this topic - regarding those two links. I've got a wireless router and have struggled to - in fact, been totally unable to - successfully set up encryption. The tiny detail of the computer not being connected physically to my router when I try to set this up has now been highlighted as a key issue, hopefully I can get this sorted now.

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