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John Self 2nd Sep 2004 15:47

The Wonderful World of the Web
A thread to post specific titbits that amuse or intrigue from the net, not specifically related to books, films, music, etc. To start with, this from Timothy McSweeney's Internet Tendency:


E-mail Addresses It Would Be Really Annoying to Give Out Over the Phone.


- - - -


amner 2nd Sep 2004 16:23

Email Address of the Year anyone?

Before Wavid pipes up, yes, we know the winner from 2000.

redredrose 2nd Sep 2004 16:24

Very funny

ono no komachi 16th Sep 2004 9:25

There are no words for this:

amner 16th Sep 2004 10:55

Still a big fan of the subservient chicken, myself, but that Strindberg thing is wild, agreed.

Digger 16th Sep 2004 15:41

The Postmodernist Essay Generator:
I do not understand these essays - but thats ok, because you're not supposed to! :D


The Surrealist Compliment Generator:
Just refresh the page to bring up a new compliment. :shock:

I love these!

John Self 15th Oct 2004 16:14

Lowbrow but funny:

Unfortunately named authors

amner 15th Oct 2004 16:18


A list by b3ta
No relation to our very own b3rtymark??

John Self 15th Oct 2004 16:26

I don't think so. I think b3ta is some group that is behind a lot of the 'hilarious' doctored pics and animations that we all love so much to get in our inboxes in work all the frigging time.

amner 15th Oct 2004 16:38

Oh, them.

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