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Noumenon 9th Jun 2013 20:11

Iain (M.) Banks, R.I.P.
Truly saddened to learn that Iain Banks passed away last night, gladdened to know that he went peacefully and without pain.

Great books, nice guy. There's not much else to say, really, is there?

Time for a whisky: "Here's to you".

ono no komachi 9th Jun 2013 20:40

Re: Iain (M.) Banks, R.I.P.
A toast, indeed. To a writer of both quality and popularity, a fine achievement.

wshaw 10th Jun 2013 9:40

Re: Iain (M.) Banks, R.I.P.
Shame he didn't make it until publication of his last book which had been brought forward...

JunkMonkey 10th Jun 2013 20:56

Re: Iain (M.) Banks, R.I.P.

Originally Posted by Noumenon (Post 133375)

Time for a whisky: "Here's to you".

Strange how the mind works. I have been really upset by this. Partially I suspect because my father died of cancer in February and the loss is still fresh.

Last night I dreamt I had a drink of whisky to toast Iain Banks' passing. I haven't had an alcoholic drink pass my lips for some ten years now. The sensation was so vivid that I awoke. Lying there in bed I could taste the whisky on my lips. A Macallan. A very very strange sensation for someone who fully intends never to touch the stuff again.

Cheers, Iain. We'll miss you.

gil 11th Jun 2013 19:57

Re: Iain (M.) Banks, R.I.P.
Wow, that was unexpectedly rapid. First visit to the doctor in late January. Terrible shame. A great loss. We will not see his like again.

Noumenon 30th Dec 2013 21:16

Re: Iain (M.) Banks, R.I.P.
I'm a little sad that the Beeb managed to leave IMB off this slideshow commemorating various famous figures to pass in 2013. It says "a more extensive look at UK lives lost" will appear tomorrow, but given that they found space for Chris Mac Daddy Kelly (of Kris Kross "fame") and The Fast and the Furious's Paul Walker...

JunkMonkey 30th Dec 2013 23:42

Re: Iain (M.) Banks, R.I.P.

Originally Posted by Noumenon (Post 133899)
they found space for Chris Mac Daddy Kelly (of Kris Kross "fame")

Even after the explanation I still have no idea who that is.

Noumenon 31st Dec 2013 7:35

Re: Iain (M.) Banks, R.I.P.
Revel in that ignorance, man!

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