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bill 12th Feb 2009 19:10

Inglourious(sic) Basterds(sic)
There is a teaser trailer up now for Quentin Tarantino's World War II Jews-butchering-Nazis film Inglourious Basterds (misspelling intentional, or so I'm told).

I'm a Tarantino fan, and I don't care who knows it, and I think this film looks like a whole bunch of fun. So there!

amner 12th Feb 2009 20:05

Re: Inglourious(sic) Basterds(sic)
Why is it spelt like that?

bill 12th Feb 2009 20:28

Re: Inglourious(sic) Basterds(sic)
I have no idea. If I had to guess, I'd say that somebody in the film dubs the group the "inglorious bastards", but then when someone decides to write it on the side of their truck, they mess it up. Due to a lack of education, I would think.

John Self 12th Feb 2009 22:19

Re: Inglourious(sic) Basterds(sic)
I like the spelling, for some reason. It could easily be a piece of the dreaded Whimsy, or Quirkiness, but it seems instead to be one of those odd features that invests a creative project with a kind of integrity, before you even know the first thing about it. Not sure why that is.

Adr. 20th May 2009 16:46

Re: Inglourious(sic) Basterds(sic)
First review I've seen, and it ain't good.

The Third Man 20th May 2009 17:04

Re: Inglourious(sic) Basterds(sic)
I've seen quite a few bad reviews stateside but I'm still going to go watch it.

amner 20th May 2009 17:31

Re: Inglourious(sic) Basterds(sic)
Bradshaw's been busy. This, the Lars von Trier, the new Almodovar.

Lucky man.

Adr. 20th May 2009 17:37

Re: Inglourious(sic) Basterds(sic)
Yeah. Jammy git.

The Von Trier looks really interesting, though I never know what to make of him.

bill 20th May 2009 19:08

Re: Inglourious(sic) Basterds(sic)
Third Man, what other reviews have you seen?

I didn't read the Guardian review, because I want to avoid spoilers, and it's often been my experience that when a critic doesn't like a film they figure it's fair game to ruin it for everyone.

Maybe I'll agree with the guy, and maybe I won't (I hope not), but Tarantino gets as many bad reviews as good these days. And I love the Kill Bill films, which got a very mixed reaction.

amner 20th May 2009 19:24

Re: Inglourious(sic) Basterds(sic)
To be fair, bill, Bradshaw says at the end of the review that he wishes it was like Kill Bill.

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