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Noumenon 26th Aug 2008 17:23

Polski Film Plakaty - Image Quiz
My little brother just put me onto a couple of very interesting sites, but rather than just link to them I thought I'd try and make things a bit more interesting. Apparently, it has been a tradition in Poland for original film posters to be produced for new releases, whether they arrive with lovely polished ones already or not. To quote L'il Nou, "The thing is, instead of selling the film in any normal way, they often seem to come out with these strange expressionistic bits of modern art that often barely relate to the original film. Some of them are pretty stylish, the best ones are just completely berserk."

SO - here's the posters, what are the films? Just for fun obviously, but note that some contain titles or cast details that give the game away, so leave your reading glasses on the bedside table. I'll start with an easy one, and better than the source deserves if you ask me...

EDIT: Quiz to follow!

John Self 26th Aug 2008 17:28

Re: Polski Film Plakaty - Image Quiz
Big Nou, your images aren't showing up for me.

Noumenon 26th Aug 2008 17:41

Re: Polski Film Plakaty - Image Quiz
Damn. They've vanished for me now too. Erm...

EDIT: Okay, well, I'm glad in a way this happened, so bare with me and I'll try to get this working with some annoying clues blurred out as well.


John Self 26th Aug 2008 17:58

Re: Polski Film Plakaty - Image Quiz
I see you're hotlinking them from a Polish site, Nou. That might be the problem: the site may not allow hotlinking. (They likely appeared for you initially because they were stored in your PC's cache, rather than because the images were working to begin with.)

Bit of a pain but can you upload them to your own webspace if you have any, or Flickr or Photobucket if you have an account?

It sounds like a terrific idea for a quiz!

Noumenon 26th Aug 2008 18:03

Re: Polski Film Plakaty - Image Quiz
I'm in the process of doing just that!

bill 26th Aug 2008 18:20

Re: Polski Film Plakaty - Image Quiz
Oh, I've seen these! I'll wait until you get the images working before saying more, but in my experience these Polish posters range from "ridiculously bizarre" to "kind of brilliant".

Daveybot 26th Aug 2008 18:27

Re: Polski Film Plakaty - Image Quiz
I actually quite like this quiz as it stands - it almost counts as a minimalist representation itself!

...But I'm going to go out on a limb anyway and state that the seventh one has GOT to be The Dark Knight,

Stradlater 26th Aug 2008 19:45

Re: Polski Film Plakaty - Image Quiz
Number one is either "Twins" or "Dead Ringers".

Noumenon 26th Aug 2008 20:09

Re: Polski Film Plakaty - Image Quiz
Right - the most over-hyped and awaited quiz of the day is here at last!

Polski Film Plakaty Quiz(ski) (sorrsky)

Part One: Easy

1 Face/Off

2 Kelly's Heroes

3 Young Guns

4 Crocodile Dundee II

5 The Fly

6 Wall Street

7 African Queen

8 Kramer Vs. Kramer

9 Romancing the Stone

10 The Last Detail

bill 26th Aug 2008 20:23

Re: Polski Film Plakaty - Image Quiz
I know 5, but must remove myself from consideration, as I've seen that poster before.

I don't think I've seen the others, though.


1. Face-Off
2. Err...Goldfinger?
3. Oh, I know that one. It's Western!
4. Alligator (actual guess)
6. The Color of Money??
7. No clue. No joke answer, either.
8. The Shining??
9. That looks like 1970s Michael Douglas, so...The Star Chamber?
10. The Last Detail

EDIT: I'm changing my guess for #6 to Wall Street.

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