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John Self 24th Oct 2006 21:10

Daily Mail Baiting
Here's a great new game for all the family. The Daily Mail website allows you to leave comments on news stories. If you check one you'll see lots of hilarious comments by stereotypical swivel-eyed bigots (I'm sure some of them are made up) about crucial issues of the day such as "Tesco condemned for selling pole dancing toy." Here we see a story about Tesco's website misfiling a pole dancing novelty under their Games and Toys section blown up into this sort of thing:

"Maybe our whole society needs cleaning up, not just Tesco website?"

"A very poor move from a company who should promote good family morality."

"I moved back to Australia with my British husband to have our kids - and this is a great example of why!"

(I am not making these up)

"So glad that a. I don't have children and b. I wasn't brought up in this most immoral country that we find ourselves stuck with, and getting worse by the day!!"

"I note that this product is in Europe where it has become fashionable to remove God from society and politics with extreme liberalism. This is the result."

"I have been a regular customer of Tesco for 20+ years, not anymore." (Wouldn't you just love to track her shopping habits to see if she follows through with this 'threat'?)

So, here's the game. Choose a news story from the Daily Mail website, and post a comment to it that's as OTT and satirically Daily-Mail-tastic as you can make it. All comments are moderated so it may take a day or so to come up. And the winner is the person who gets the most ridiculous comment through their moderators...

Noumenon 24th Oct 2006 21:57

Re: Daily Mail Baiting
I have just made my first attempt upon the walls.

EDIT: In keeping with Stewart's post, here's what I submitted. It seems bland by comparison but I didn't want to get outlawed before the game was truly afoot.

Nou, Leeds, West Yorkshire

With all the attention paid to the GM foods debate, I can't believe that radiation can be used to enhealthen what we feed our children and I form one am glad the Daily Mail is keeping Omega-3 above the radar. (All entirely sic, of course)

Stewart 24th Oct 2006 23:09

Re: Daily Mail Baiting
I have made my offering.

I am in utter disbelief at Tesco for their extreme lack of scruples in this particular case. Here we have an organisation reknowned for their family values and here they are selling such filth to our children. We have enough to worry about with paedophiles getting hold of our child, never mind this new threat leading them into the sex trade. It's just disgusting. We should be calling for resignations of the top brass. I hope I am not alone in this.

Stewart 25th Oct 2006 10:13

Re: Daily Mail Baiting
Tried to show how incensed I was that I could be fined for not allowing snap-happy cold callers to enter my home for tax purposes. My concerns, of course, were that the photographs could fall into the wrong hands, such as burglars and paedophiles.

But they have an image recognition thing that is connected to a chat domain within the site. Thus my work blocks the numerical code I need to enter in order to complete my comment.

I was under the impression that that sort of thing was illegal* these days, as providing only a block of characters excludes the visually impaired via accessibility. How can their screen reader pick up the numbers if they are embedded within an image? I'll send them an email complaining about that tonight.

* Well, not illegal. But charities and other assorted pains do seem to be winning the battle to make websites more accessibilities to disabled users.

jim 25th Oct 2006 10:18

Re: Daily Mail Baiting
Not quite sure how this comment managed to slip through the net.. Does this person not have any shame! She is obviously a communist.


I cant believe some people have complained about this. Its obvious its for adults.

Mrs Gallimore says any kid can go on and see it.

Well perhaps she should be watching what her kids get up to when theyre on the net if shes that concerned. If her kids wanted to see something dirty I doubt the first place theyd be looking on the Tesco website!

And what kind of kids would be looking on a supermarket website anyway?

Just because something is called toys and games doesnt mean they are all for children. I bet theres board games and other things on there which are for older people, theyve just chosen to point this one out.

The trouble is it is hard to think of anything more ridiculous than th estuff there already. Good game though.

This was my attempted comment on the Omega-3 debate:


What's wrong with a good old tablespoon of codliver oil. And bring back National Service too!
However, very sensibly access is denied to the Daily Mail website by the system at my work.

John Self 25th Oct 2006 10:31

Re: Daily Mail Baiting
Good work boys.

Stewart, yes, most sites that have word recognition also have the option of having a .wav file played that says the letters out loud so visually impaired users can type them in.

Noumenon 25th Oct 2006 11:02

Re: Daily Mail Baiting
Strike Two:

I think this denial of a persons' right to belief foul and revolting. By preventing Nadia form wearing her cross they stop her being a christian! No-one is allowed to do that! If I was foriegn and had to wear my religious hat it wouldn't be allowed so why is it for an English? It isn't jewelry when you believe in it and pray! I will never fly again.

My post has not appeared, but this one has:

Originally Posted by Rs,USA
As a Christian I really am proud to see a fellow Christian showing her love for the Lord. Nothing at all is wrong with wearing a cross, especially if you are showing that you love Jesus. BA, Jesus said if you denied Him before men that He will deny you before His Father.

What's the deal, eh?

youjustmightlikeit 25th Oct 2006 11:08

Re: Daily Mail Baiting
On another note, Tesco was rather taking the piss with that one. Someone made a serious error of judgement there. Poor buying.

amner 25th Oct 2006 11:12

Re: Daily Mail Baiting

Won't someone please think of the children.

- Chris Clunge, Mungington

Hekaterine 25th Oct 2006 12:24

Re: Daily Mail Baiting
Nou, you kill me :-)

Especially the last sentence. I'd lay odds on it not getting through the mods though.

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