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Wavid 2nd Dec 2005 11:19

2005 Palimpian of the Year
We are approaching the end of 2005, and I thought it only appropriate that we mark Palimpsest's third Christmas with an award, for the Palimpian of the Year!

I have drawn up a shortlist of potential Palimpians, each with a jolly good reason. You have until 16 December to make your choice, at which point the award will be made! How exciting.

So, without further ado, here are the nominations:

John Self for reading more books than is healthy;

R.C. for services to trolling;

Maxivida for most surprising come-back;

Blixa for the swiftest accumulation of posts ever;

HoneyPotts for most blatent deleting of an incriminating post (in the things that are bad for you... thread).

So, get your votes in over the next two week to influence the vote on who will be Palimpian of the Year!

John Self 2nd Dec 2005 12:12

Re: 2005 Palimpian of the Year
How ridiculous (but nice). What's the prize, before I advise Maydell Boothby and Dunkan Cutter on how to cast their votes??

Wavid 2nd Dec 2005 12:13

Re: 2005 Palimpian of the Year
It's a secret. Which means....

...I haven't decided yet.

maxivida 2nd Dec 2005 13:50

Re: 2005 Palimpian of the Year
Wow - I'm honoured to be nominated, although I haven't really posted all that much (but much more than in the previous couple of years ;-) ). Shall we comment on the person we voted for and give our reasons, or is this to remain anonymous?

Wavid 2nd Dec 2005 14:09

Re: 2005 Palimpian of the Year
You may do as you wish, Max! No pressure for people to reveal votes or reasons. After all, we don't want this to become the Palimp Brown-Nosing Forum!

Yes, your nomination was largely down to your remarkable reappearance after the kicking those Wuthering Heights hating no-marks gave you all those years ago; rather than the quality or quantity of your contributions to the site! ;-)

The winner will get an Amazon voucher (I won't commit myself to a value...) and a special badge to be displayed under your avatar until next year's competition.

Oh, and anyone caught using alter-egos to vote for themselves will be publicly humiliated in some appalling way.

Wavid 2nd Dec 2005 14:43

Re: 2005 Palimpian of the Year
Here is the winner's special badge!

Bet all you nominees are damp with excitement now!

RC 2nd Dec 2005 15:25

Re: 2005 Palimpian of the Year
Ridiculous is right. At the very least you might have begun by calling for nominations. I am astonished, frankly, that you don't see anything wrong with naming all the candidates yourself, adding their ostensible claim to fame, and then expecting the group to legitimize that (and endorse the tag) by casting votes to elect one, as if it were a people's choice. You studied politics?

Besides, I resent the "services to trolling". At first I was perplexed. Trolling, in these parts, is fishing by dragging a line behind a moving boat. It seemed a bit tenuous, but the best explanation I could come up with was that you were referring to my (perhaps too-frequent?) importing of articles/extracts (the 'catch') from my "trolling" of news and other sites. Then it occurred to me to google 'trolling', which set me straight.

Now, I don't deny that from time to time I throw in a monkey wrench, but some of my true opinions are what some people would call extreme. In my view, that's because they are hampered in their thinking by conventions and cowardice, they choose among the things which are said most often, that which is most comfortable to believe. I try to cut through the clutter. You are trying, I suppose, to trivialize it by calling it "trolling". I've been around a lot longer than you, Wavey. Don't be smirking my way.

Oh, and I withdraw my name from the competition.

maxivida 2nd Dec 2005 15:48

Re: 2005 Palimpian of the Year
Oh dear...

HP 2nd Dec 2005 15:49

Re: 2005 Palimpian of the Year
Oooh 'eck ......

Wavid 2nd Dec 2005 15:51

Re: 2005 Palimpian of the Year
Well quite. Looks like the Fun Police have arrived in town again. I'm sure everyone else is well aware of the spirit in which this was intended, so we will carry on regardless.

What shall we say, all votes for RC count double?

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