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gil 20th Jul 2006 15:08

Top 100 translations
This is the top 100 translated authors. Expect to reel in horror at the first item on the list. I wondered how that was arrived at... It looks as though every cartoon screenplay has been counted in every language it's been translated to. Or are these "the book of the film"? It's a cheat, anyway.

So, Agatha comes out top, and the second rank SF author Asimov beats Tolkien. I see why now. The number of languages is multiplied by the number of books, and Agatha Christie and Asimov were both prolific.

maxivida 20th Jul 2006 16:09

Re: Top 100 translations
Cartland, Barbara beats Shakespeare, William! :lol:

And Jakob Grimm is more translated than his brother Wilhelm? :-?

John Self 20th Jul 2006 16:16

Re: Top 100 translations
And who's Biblia, N.T.?

Oh I get it...

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