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Wavid 1st Jun 2005 12:27

Kumquat has mentioned her soujourns to the continent at various times, and of course John posted his lovely photos of Barcelona, so I thought it might be an idea to have a thread dedicated to the places we visit.

I am actually going on my first ever short break to Amsterdam this weekend. Sadly, in a way, it is for a stag do, so I doubt I shall have the chance to engage in anything particularly cultural, although apparently a trip to the Heineken brewery is on the cards!

gil 1st Jun 2005 12:43

If you get the chance, have a Rijstaffel, Bami Goreng or Nasi Goreng at a proper Indonesian restaurant - The Bali, The Jawa or Sama Sebo used to be excellent, though I haven't been there for a while. I love the proper Indonesian food available in Holland (but rarely in Indonesia) so much that I've twice been prepared to drive from Brussels to Eindhoven for lunch!

John Self 1st Jun 2005 12:48


Originally Posted by gil
I've twice been prepared to drive from Brussels to Eindhoven for lunch!

Er... isn't that about 80 miles - each way!

gil 1st Jun 2005 13:33

Yup. It was worth it.

kumquat 1st Jun 2005 22:22

Well Im glad to see a thread dedicated to travel. where should i start...i am in budapest right now. i missed the train back to vienna. the last train. ha ha ha. just found some cheap accomodation for overnight and will start back in the morning. fun fun!!

Wavid 2nd Jun 2005 13:08

So, I am all set for my Amsterdam excursion. Flying tomorrow from Luton in the afternoon. What larks!

Anyway, I have a modestly sized dilemma. All my books are elsewhere and I forgot to pick one up when I was at home last night. So, this means I need to buy a book this lunchtime to take with me. I guess it needs to be fairly short and easy, as I am hardly going to be up to too much brain-engagement.

What would folk recommend?

edit: What a shame I didn't bring my copy of McKewan's Amsterdam!

John Self 2nd Jun 2005 13:15

Timoleon Vieta Come Home by Dan Rhodes. Short and spirited. Set in Italy not the Netherlands but you can't have everything.

Lucoid 2nd Jun 2005 14:01

The Heineken brewery's pretty good, and you get a free half-pint glass at the end. I hope you get the chance to go to the Van Gogh museum, too.

I doubt you'll need to read at all, to be honest, what with it being both a stag do and a trip to Amsterdam.

Wavid 2nd Jun 2005 14:15

It's Bod's do, by the way, Lucoid.

Only half a pint?! Tightwads.

Lucoid 2nd Jun 2005 14:20

Who's he marrying? Anyone I know?

You get more than that to drink - there are a couple of bars where you get freebies on the way round. And at the end, you get a free gift, which was a shiny but empty glass in a nice tin to take home with you when we went. Very handy for my morning fruit juice, I find.

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