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amner 28th Feb 2005 13:55

Feeling all spring-cleany. Right, there's your choice.

John Self 22nd Mar 2005 20:41

Has this discussion started yet? Or is it next month?

Colyngbourne 22nd Mar 2005 22:17

It begins on the 1st, I think.

rick green 2nd Apr 2005 0:45

By Jove! It's time we started.

Colyngbourne 12th May 2005 13:41

Six weeks later,
I enjoyed all the stories exceedingly. Favourites were A Scandal in Bohemia, A Case of Identity and The Adventure of the Speckled Band/and Engineer's Thumb, for all kinds of different reasons. Some stories were faint copies of others and were detectable from the outset.

rick green 12th May 2005 17:48

Well, I was expecting a lot from these, seeing everyone's 5-star ratings. I just wasn't as bowled over as I'd hoped. My favorite was the one with the scary, Holmes-squashing machine. The rest struck me as either predictable or trite to some degree. Of course, I'm probably coming at these from a uniquely disinterested point-of-view. To judge from other posts, many of you seem to have fond associations with Holmes from childhood. In which case, I apologize for my lack of enthusiasm.

Jerkass 12th May 2005 17:55

lack of enthusiasm!

right, that's it, Amner

five lashes for rick with a copy of Bleak House

rick green 12th May 2005 18:10

Like, Zoiks!

amner 12th May 2005 21:05

Zoiks, indeed, sir! Zoiks, for the blackguard you most clearly are!

Well, OK, maybe not to everyone's taste, but I fear you're doing The Great Detective a sore disservice if you don't try another set of stories. Try the Memoirs with Silver Blaze, The Musgrave Ritual and The Greek Interpreter as particular standouts. JS, I am sure, will vouchsafe Silver Blaze in particular as a classic...and it's the first one, so if you don't fancy any more - and I challenge you that you will! - you can just stop there.

rick green 13th May 2005 0:07

Oh, I haven't given up on Holmes & Watson. Silver Blaze did you say? First in the series is it? That sounds like the place. H & W are too well respected to dismiss out-of-hand. Likely, mine was just a case of too high expectations coming home to roost--to mix metaphors terribly. Now that I know the sort of thing to expect, I should be able to enjoy it for what it is instead of what I imagined it to be.

And will there be another book discussion in the near future?

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