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Wavid 20th Dec 2004 20:44

Artistic freedom vs religious rights
Have a looky here.

What a disaster. What do we reckon? My line is, if you don't like it, don't go and see it. Don't stop other people from doing the same.

Colyngbourne 20th Dec 2004 23:49

I agree. No problems at all.

gil 21st Dec 2004 10:40

Hey, I agree, too.

I am sure I'd hate the play if I saw it. There are a million plays, movies and books that I hate without seeing them. So I avoid stuff I suspect I won't like. And I don't care whether it's art or just entertainment.

The fact that some works of self-styled art or would-be entertainment are portraying British white male non-church-goers as paedophiles, rapists, bank robbers and other low-life trash doesn't offend me. I'm not about to start chucking bricks through the cinema foyer or burning bookshops.

Why would anyone be offended unless their religious leader had stirred up a spot of hatred?

NottyImp 21st Dec 2004 10:45

I wonder if those Sikhs involved will reflect on the irony that in protesting against a play that portrays violence, they have used actual violence against people and property to have it banned?

I wonder if they'll then reflect on the further irony that most people will probably think less of their religion now than they would have through merely seeing the play itself?

I doubt it. Believers in my experience have their sense of irony removed at a very early stage.

A spokesman from the CRE on This Morning described this as the "worst possible outcome" and I can hardly but agree.

Wavid 21st Dec 2004 10:47

Fair play to Channel 4 news last night, who described the Sikh protestors as a 'mob' and continually criticised them, where the other news channels seemed to shy away from any comment on the rights and wrongs of the affair.

It is a disgrace, really. The freedoms they enjoy in this country to live their lives according to their customs, come with a responsibility to respect others. It would appear that some sections of the Sikh community haven't quite come to terms with this yet.


Originally Posted by NottyImp
Believers in my experience have their sense of irony removed at a very early stage.

With a few Palimpceptions, I'm sure, Notty. :wink:

NottyImp 21st Dec 2004 10:52

"With a few Palimpceptions, I'm sure, Notty."

Do we have any on here? I thought Col was an agnostic. :wink:

I see the Catholic Church in Brum has been supporting the Sikh stance. You can always rely on the Papists to get it wrong, can't you?

wshaw 21st Dec 2004 11:07

It's really rough. I notice that the TV news has stopped naming the writer. My wife had a script development company in London for a while and the playwright in question was one of the writers she was working with. She was really talented, so I'm sure it's a great play too. I'm assuming she's had credible death threats and so the police have asked the media not to her name.

wshaw 21st Dec 2004 11:23

Would it be an idea if Palimpsest members were make their respectful protests about the behaviour of a minority of the Sikh community to the Birmingham-based Council of Sikh Gurdwaras? If the mods agree, I'll post the contact details...

gil 21st Dec 2004 11:38


Originally Posted by wshaw
If the mods agree, I'll post the contact details...

What is this? Are you suggesting that the mods might censor your reasonable posts? Throw a breeze-block through their window!

wshaw 21st Dec 2004 11:40

What? Er? No... but I'm aware that it's always sensible to run something like that past mods first. I don't think throwing stuff is that good an idea right now.

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