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Adr. 23rd Jun 2009 11:20

Recommend a good mp3 player...
Okay, my 40 GB Creative Zen Touch mp3 player has died. (Well, the touchpad has stopped working, so the whole thing might as well be dead.) I'm now in the market for a new player and might even be persuaded to buy an iPod. What player do you guys use and do we have any zealots for a particular type of player?

EDIT: I'm pretty much only interested in playing music. I wouldn't be bothered playing videos or any of that malarkey.

John Self 23rd Jun 2009 11:32

Re: Recommend a good mp3 player...
I have an iPod touch, which I recommend, because the touch screen makes everything that doesn't have a touch screen look old and crap.

jim 23rd Jun 2009 11:34

Re: Recommend a good mp3 player...
I have an iPod because if you haven't got one it means you are a loser.

Daveybot 23rd Jun 2009 11:50

Re: Recommend a good mp3 player...
Gotta say, the iPod sure is the best I've used. The interface puts all other players to shame, and the battery life's great. I wouldn't get an iPod Touch, myself, as the capacity isn't as big and I'm sure it must use more power on that big screen. Classy-looking thing, though.

And if file formats are an issue, I think Doubletwist might be of use.

Stewart 23rd Jun 2009 11:55

Re: Recommend a good mp3 player...
iPod 80Gb, 20,000 song capacity.

Adr. 23rd Jun 2009 12:07

Re: Recommend a good mp3 player...
Thanks for all the recommendations. The iPod Touch looks absolutely lovely, but it's a tad too expensive for my pocket book. I'm leaning towards Stewart's 80GB suggestion or even the 120GB one.

The Third Man 23rd Jun 2009 12:46

Re: Recommend a good mp3 player...
I'll break the mould here and recommend Sony's range of MP3 players, but do a bit of research and avoid their latest effort (get an A series instead: it's almost perfect!). What's their advantage? Well, you don't need to install any crappy file transfer software for a start. This means you can plug it into a friend's computer and rob all their MP3s. It also makes changing your own playlist hassle free. You literally just drag and drop like you would do with an external hard drive then delete accordingly. They also play a number of audio file types so you're not having to faff about with Itunes and converters and such. This also means you're not answerable to one corporation and can work you music independently. The batery life is ridiculous and the interface couldn't be any easier. Most importantly of all the sound quality is unreal, especially if you invest in some quality headphones. Light years ahead of the Ipod and better than anything most sound company's have shat out in the last ten years or so. In all, a dream machine which keeps getting better with every series.

And what's really positive about Sony is they listen to customer reviews: people asked them to scrap the Connect software years ago and go 'drag and drop', and they did just that. Next stage is getting them to release devices which are compatible with FLAC files and Bob really is going to be all our uncle. And eventually it'll happen. Sony ain't stupid. They know what music fans really like. They experiment from time to time, but they always scrap what people didn't like in their next series.


Also, Adr., don't let money dictate your choice. See it as an investment. I've had mine for 2 years and it's as good as new. It cost me 100 quid: that's about 4 quid a month. If it lasts me another year then that's 2.50 a month. Besides, what is worse than listening to your favourite music on some shitty player that robs all the quality?

EDIT: there's a legion of music fans that hate Ipods as much as me. This is an ace resource for finding decent reviews of MP3 players:


John Self 23rd Jun 2009 13:00

Re: Recommend a good mp3 player...

there's a legion of music fans that hate Ipods as much as me.
Ah, the hidden agenda!

Or did you mean they hate iPods as much as they hate you? Surely not! ;-)

The Third Man 23rd Jun 2009 13:08

Re: Recommend a good mp3 player...
Viva La RevoluciĆ³n innit or summut etc?

John Self 23rd Jun 2009 13:17

Re: Recommend a good mp3 player...
That's a very strange site, the anythingbutipod one. I haven't looked for an About page, but it seems odd to name the entire site about exclusion of one particular brand: particularly when it has otherwise useful reviews of specific products. Then there are pages like this - touch screen v tactile control - which go on for a very long time only to reach the conclusion "only you know what's the best option for yourself."

It then goes on to say, "You should however make sure you choose features based on objective reasoning and not just because it looks cool." Well, first, I don't think any personal preferences can be considered objective. Second, I'm guessing the "not just because it looks cool" point is part of their anti-iPod stance. But this is mad. Technology is at least 50% about things being exciting, novel and cool. Who hasn't played about with photos on the iPod touch or iPhone and thought, "Wow, this is cool!"

(And I found their About page, where they show that their aims are admirable:


I talk to many people who think an iPod is their only choice. This is why this website was started, to show people their alternatives and to educate them so they are able to make their own informed decisions.
But they also say "There are other MP3 players out there that are easier to use, that give you more for your money, and that still have style and class." Surely you wouldn't buy something just because it looks cool?)

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