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leyla 8th Nov 2006 9:37

Rupert Holmes: Where the Truth Lies
Here is the teeniest tiniest review of Rupert Holmes's Where The Truth Lies. Its brevity is because I haven't anywhere nearly finished it as I only started it yesterday, but had to scribble a little about it for book club. I was expecting a limp airport thriller but was taken totally by surprise by its quality of writing, characterisation and wit. A rare ***** so far. This is why I like book club - for every dull tome you plough through with rolling eyes and tapping feet, there's a stunner round the corner that you would never have chosen on your tod.

This is a dizzyingly accomplished thriller. Holmes writes with a slick panache and fluidity that many crime writers can only dream of, and his prose has a scythe-sharp wit that could slash flesh. The dialogue is full of spontaneity, wisecracks and sardonic observations, much like the best of Elmore Leonard, and his characters are convincing and fully formed. His heroine is a sassy, independent, bright female journalist trying to uncover the secrets of a past murder which may have involved one or both of a pair of now estranged entertainers, Vince Collins and Lanny Morris. The garish glitz of the seventies is vividly evoked, with the insincerity and plasticity of LA stimulating involuntary shudders and guffaws. Intriguing, entertaining, and hugely beguiling, this is a must for any crime fan.

jim 11th Nov 2006 10:24

Re: Rupert Holmes - Where the Truth Lies
Leyla, I see your comments were published in the Times today!:-D

leyla 11th Nov 2006 12:07

Re: Rupert Holmes - Where the Truth Lies
Thanks Jim! Yep, that's my book club - with added incentive of £20 worth of books occasionally!

John Self 11th Nov 2006 12:32

Re: Rupert Holmes - Where the Truth Lies

Originally Posted by jim
I see your comments were published in the Times today!

And in every Times for about the last four months, the slapper! ;-)

leyla 12th Nov 2006 19:07

Re: Rupert Holmes - Where the Truth Lies
Heh heh! And I bet you if you started contributing, JS, you'd win the prize comment every week - your book reviews put mine to shame.

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