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Colyngbourne 8th Jun 2006 16:28

Perhaps we could use this thread for various requests - odd questions answered etc. like m.'s 'shambles' qu. - but anyhow,

does anyone here speak/write Dutch? And who could translate a bit of Dutch for me?

Stewart 8th Jun 2006 16:35

Re: Requesting...
No to Dutch, but has a Dutch to English translator. Not the best, I know, but it should give the general flavour of the text.

Colyngbourne 8th Jun 2006 16:44

Re: Requesting...
Erk! Possibly the text I've got is Flemish and not Dutch, or 'olde Dutche'. Thanks though.

amner 20th Jun 2006 19:12

Re: Requesting...
Thanks for setting this up, Col!

OK, does anyone here have NTL and a DVD Recorder?

Colyngbourne 20th Jun 2006 19:16

Re: Requesting...
What's NTL?

amner 20th Jun 2006 19:17

Re: Requesting...
You may know it as Telewest? It's a (cable) TV provider.

John Self 20th Jun 2006 19:41

Re: Requesting...
Can't help, amn. I have four analogue channels and not even a video recorder (I gave mine to my parents when theirs gave up the ghost). Are you seeking SCART connection advice?

What does NTL stand for anyway? And don't say "Technology. Tamed."

amner 20th Jun 2006 19:50

Re: Requesting...
NTL's saving grace is a neat little thing called On Demand, which allows you to queue up programmes you might have missed (so for instance, I caught the first ten minutes of Saxondale, which I'd missed last night, this morning).

Each of the BBC channels offers up half a dozen best or most-watched progs every week.

Anyhoo, there's a BBC4 thing I'd love to record for a friend of mine who's not about at the mo' and by the time they are, I expect it'll have vanished. I don't have a DVD-R (or VCR for that matter) or I'd just do it meself.

NTL stands for Not Terribly Likeable, but this is OK.

Lizzy Siddal 20th Jun 2006 21:42

Re: Requesting...

I studied Dutch many moons ago. I'm not promising anything but send me your text and I'll see if I can do something.

Colyngbourne 20th Jun 2006 23:37

Re: Requesting...
Oh thank you - I'll send you a chunk of it tomorrow.

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