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Daveybot 13th Mar 2006 18:51

The Food Thread
I had a brief look around the Palimp but couldn't see a thread for talking about food. Well, here's one.

Daveybot 13th Mar 2006 18:54

Re: The Food Thread
...So I'll get the ball rolling with this shocker...

Marmite to change!

They've thinned it down and are putting it in a squeezy tube! Agh!

Link to news story.


The producers of Marmite have developed the upside down squeezy jar, making it easier to spread on your toast.

It also means butter and crumbs left on the knife won`t sully the distinctive dark substance.
Click here to find out more!

Marmite has spent five years working on a squeezable version of its glass jar and claims the development is the biggest change in its 104 history.

But true aficionados will notice one slight difference - the viscous brown goo is very slightly thinner.

A Marmite spokeswoman insisted it still tasted the same: "The yeast extract has been brewed to a slightly thinner consistency and a slightly different texture.

"But is still has exactly the same taste, you cannot taste any difference at all."

The spokeswoman said the change was made to make the spread more versatile and easier to spread on your toast.

The new version will hit shelves in Sainsbury`s tomorrow and other supermarkets by the end of the month.

Marmite has long traded on the "Love it, Hate it" campaign and famous fans include Liz Hurley, Davina McCall and Michael Winner.

Meanwhile, those who detest the stuff include Lulu, Ian Botham, Jackie Collins and Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles.

amner 13th Mar 2006 20:32

Re: The Food Thread
Another nail in the Chris Moyles coffin. Well, frankly I'm not surprised.

But anyway, how can they change it? How? And they should be happy with the jar, and leave it at that. It's a friggin' design classic!:

Daveybot 13th Mar 2006 21:15

Re: The Food Thread
Absolutely! I mean, surely Marmite has no major problems with shifting the product, right? They have no competition, they must have the most stable market in the known universe... why spend three million pounds trying to fix something which already works so perfectly? They could have had a nice holiday instead.

I would even go so far as to suggest that by stirring up their own monopoly in such a bizarre manner, they may even alert their potential competitors and spur them into action. Is this some kind of strange suicide attempt by the Marmite board?


A brief surf later, and look - I found a picture of the proposed product!

...In all honesty I do think it's kind of cute, but I still repeat my previous question: why bother?

JunkMonkey 13th Mar 2006 22:26

Re: The Food Thread
Going to the supermarket on Saturday to lay in a lifetime's supply (3 jars should do it).

PS I'm firmly in the Chris Moyles is a cunt camp too.

John Self 13th Mar 2006 23:33

Re: The Food Thread
Relax, people. The version of this story which I read today made it clear that the glass jar will stay: only the smallest size is to be replaced by the squeezy version.

That's what you get for using a local ITV station as your news source, Davey...

Colyngbourne 14th Mar 2006 9:04

Re: The Food Thread
Thank goodness for that! I'm still getting over them changing the flavour of Chow Mein Pot Noodle (without having the decency to tell us).

Wavid 14th Mar 2006 10:11

Re: The Food Thread
Of course, the squeezy version of Marmite will at least get rid of the problem of getting butter in the jar...

Colyngbourne 14th Mar 2006 10:37

Re: The Food Thread

Originally Posted by Wavid
Of course, the squeezy version of Marmite will at least get rid of the problem of getting butter in the jar...

That's not a problem, that's an improvement!

knovella 14th Mar 2006 21:34

Re: The Food Thread
I've seen the Marmite car several times. It lives in Ealing in west London. It occurs to me that y'all might not know what it is: a small car decorated all over with the Marmite logo/label. I think it says "100 Years of Hate" on the side.

The problem with Marmite in America is that you need English bread to put it on. American bread sucks.

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