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Colyngbourne 11th Dec 2008 15:05

Top 10 Christmas Films
These are the ones that my family and I watch if possibly around every Christmas: the first three or four are absolute musts.

1. It’s a Wonderful Life - early Christmas Eve watching
2. A Muppet Christmas Carol - this weekend definitely
3. Meet Me In St Louis
4. A Christmas Carol (the Patrick Stewart/Richard E Grant version) - usually on Channel 4 on Christmas Eve
5. Little Women
6. The Wizard of Oz
7. Peter Pan
8. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
9. The Great Escape
10. My Fair Lady

John Self 11th Dec 2008 15:10

Re: Top 10 Christmas Films
I saw Meet Me In St Louis and It's a Wonderful Life for the first time last year, at our local indie cinema Xmas weekend. This year it's Bad Santa and White Christmas. We're taking our two families to see the latter this Sunday: the former probably not a good idea.

amarie 11th Dec 2008 15:22

Re: Top 10 Christmas Films
Col - you disappoint me. What about The Sound of Music? Dr Zhivago?? Or even A Christmas Story? Absolute classics.

Colyngbourne 11th Dec 2008 15:56

Re: Top 10 Christmas Films
I would have squeezed in more if I could, but I was going for the ones I really have to see in the festive season: I watched The Sound of Music the other week and for me it's a possible all-year-rounder ;-)

(and to my shame, I have never seen Dr Zhivago....)

Daveybot 11th Dec 2008 16:34

Re: Top 10 Christmas Films
Die Hard Die Hard Die Hard!

It's a must watch, every year.

John Self 11th Dec 2008 16:45

Re: Top 10 Christmas Films
And I forgot about Go - terrific little film, happens to be set at Christmas. I've always kept an eye out for what the screenwriter John August did next. Not much of note, as it happens (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle?), but I do remember his recent effort The Nines being criticised for being unnecessarily complicated, which sounds like a recommendation to me.

paddyjoe 11th Dec 2008 17:39

Re: Top 10 Christmas Films
As an alternative to all that Christmas shmaltz, what about the slasher flick Black Christmas? The 1974 original is much better than the 2006 remake!

Adr. 11th Dec 2008 17:43

Re: Top 10 Christmas Films
Bad Santa is a brilliant antidote to most Christmas scmaltz. Gremlins also does a nice line in black comedy.

Beth 12th Dec 2008 4:34

Re: Top 10 Christmas Films

Originally Posted by Daveybot (Post 101542)
Die Hard Die Hard Die Hard!

It's a must watch, every year.

:-D Yeah! Along with Trading Places

Ahem. For a good Christmas howl, as a teenager I used to stay up late to watch The Christmas Tree with William Holden. Shamefully sentimental, it was as a good nog to the egg of all that pubescent angst.

What's most notably rattling my chain are the films of Christmases future, or if I'm really lucky, Christmas present:

Joyeux Noël and The Holly and The Ivy

Colyngbourne 12th Dec 2008 9:47

Re: Top 10 Christmas Films
They haven't shown it for years but I remember blubbing as a young thing to The Gift of the Magi with Marie Osmond one Christmas.

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