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John from Paris 3rd Dec 2006 22:08

Comfort music
Further to recent comments on the Comfort Reading thread...
I listen to all sorts of music... I'm really electic (EDIT: er... eClectic [not electRic]), so much so that my CD collection ranges giddily from Mahler symphonies to Boney M.
But real comfort music has to be accessible, stimulate the goose-pimples, and be beautifully performed and very well recorded.

Right now I'm listening to:

Natalie Cole, Unforgettable ***** ++..... (ad infinitum)

It's a compilation of songs her father [Nat King Love (EDIT: er...Nat King Cole)] sang, including a montage of her and him doing the title track.

Special mention for Billy Strayhorn's "Lush Life" - and can anyone tell me who else has recorded this recently?

No time to do a list, but it would include, in similar vein:

Diana Krall, The Look of Love

This was a gift a few years ago, at the end of a summer romance which couldn't really be anything else...
But now I can handle it again. Like the Natalie Cole, it is very much easy listening... but just so impeccably done...

Colyngbourne 4th Dec 2006 8:22

Re: Comfort music
An excellent idea for a thread, JfP - I'll come back to contribute later.

Daveybot 4th Dec 2006 8:52

Re: Comfort music
Oh curse you!

I've been up since 4:00am working on a seminar I'm giving at 10:00 this morning, and then someone goes and posts a thread like this! Gahhh!

No, I'm going to resist... But I'll be back! I suspect this'll be on its third or fourth page by then, but such is life...

Great idea for a thread, JohnfP, and can't wait to see the responses!

Kimberley 4th Dec 2006 9:11

Re: Comfort music
Argh, I just posted something and it got deleted :(

What I was saying was, my favourite comfort music is Simon and Garfunkle because it reminds me of car trips to my Nana's house when I was a child, when we'd spend most of the day on the road with Mum and Dad chatting in the front seat and the boot crammed with luggage and Christmas presents half-concealed in beach towels.

I know all the lyrics and still like to sing along really loud. These days I offend my children instead of my father.

Also, Beethoven's 6th, and for some reason I find Bach's Brandenburg Concertoes good 'working music'.

And Ella Fitzgerald,

leyla 4th Dec 2006 10:39

Re: Comfort music
For comfort music, I like anything from the past which I loved first time around. It doesn't have to be soothing - The Buzzcocks or The Clash are as comforting as vintage Elvis Costello, Pulp, or any John Peel sessions of great bands, and Beethoven's 5th piano concerto or Mozart's 40th or 41st or Eine Kleine Nacht Muzic or R.K's Scheherezade or other classical pieces I know from childhood are also ace. Comfort music can't be depressing, so I rule out Joy Division and some others. And it can't have associations with anything sad, so anything listened to during bereavement etc is also musica non grata. But pretty much anything else that I loved as a child, teen or twenty/early 30-something has that twang of nostalgia and gorgeous ability to make things OK again.

Colyngbourne 4th Dec 2006 10:58

Re: Comfort music
Comfort music is probably the stuff that sustains me when I'm feeling totally fed up with the world, and puts me in a cosy place. Not that it has to be cosy music - but familiar enough, and slightly feel-good, or at least something that fills in a bit of the fed-up-ness by its familiarity and its loved-ness. Panacea music perhaps. This is slightly more than a Top 10, I think:

Sister Ray - Velvet Underground: 17 minutes of top class comfort when you're in seething rage mode.

Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen (no other cover version quite does it, and certainly not Jeff Buckley's).

As I Sat Sadly By Her Side & There She Goes... - Nick Cave

Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel

Passionate Friend & Treason – Teardrop Explodes

Cocaine – JJ Cale

Daydream Believer – The Monkees

You Can Call Me Al – Paul Simon

Harold the Barrel – Genesis

Fill Your Heart – David Bowie

Spanish Train – Chris de Burgh

Heart & What Have I Done To Deserve This? – Pet Shop Boys

All of My Heart - ABC

leyla 4th Dec 2006 11:14

Re: Comfort music
Mmm, yes Col, definitely agree with much of your list - especially Velvets, Nick Cave, Teardrops, Bowie (in fact, that whole side of the Hunky Dory LP that starts with 'Fill Your heart' is wonderful, isn't it?), Pet Shop Boys and ABC. That Lexicon of Love LP by ABC and actually by the Pet Shop Boys are all unadulterated fabulousness, the aural equivalent of a familiar duvet, warm nest and smiley boyfriend. Mmmm, feel the need to seek them out...

Kimberley 4th Dec 2006 11:24

Re: Comfort music
I'm feeling quite discomforted by my comfort listening list now as in re-reading it, I have to come out of denail about what a dag I am.

I also forgot to mention Split Enz.

leyla 4th Dec 2006 12:01

Re: Comfort music

Originally Posted by leyla (Post 49993)
Bowie (in fact, that whole side of the Hunky Dory LP that starts with 'Fill Your heart' is wonderful, isn't it?),

What was I thinking of? Side one is also divine.

gil 4th Dec 2006 12:22

Re: Comfort music
We already covered my comfort zone -
The Eagles YouTube examples
Mahler's songs YouTube example - better listened to than watched

While there are other artists and songs in the comfort category, only The Eagles and Mahler (depending on mood) hit the spot for me.

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