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amner 23rd May 2005 14:52

Today, I will be mostly listening to...
Apropos of gil's post on the H2G2 thread elsewhere:


Originally Posted by gil
I drove into work singing along with The Eagles on a new double Eagles CD I bought. Bliss...

I'd like to ask Palimpers what they're current raves are...what did you last purposefully put on, or are putting on even as you read this. What's today's favourite?

I'll start the ball rolling with this little trimuvirate of Johnny Cash songs:

I See a Darkness
The Man Comes Around

all from his acoustic American recordings. My iTunes just gets stuck into that little trio again and again during the day. I can't get enough.

Anyone else? What would you listen to now, if you had the chance?

NottyImp 23rd May 2005 14:57

Hurt, what a song. I actually heard Trent Reznor do a live version of this on Radio 1 with mostly just a piano accompianement until the end of the song when the rest of the band joined in, and it raised the hairs on the back of neck and sent shivers down my spine, something which hasn't happened very often since I got old.

I've just been listening to Wasted Life and other live classics by SLF.

Colyngbourne 23rd May 2005 15:01

Been replaying Nick Cave There She Goes My Beautiful World over and over; and Elvis duo of Suspicious Minds/Burning Love (purely on account of the Lilo and Stitch association, as I'm not an Elvis fan generally)

gil 23rd May 2005 15:22

Re: Today, I will be mostly listening to...

Originally Posted by amner
little trimuvirate of Johnny Cash songs:

I really WANT to like Johnny Cash. I just can't. It's the man, not the songs, and I can't explain it. I get the same creepy feeling about Bruce Springsteen. On the other hand, I want to dislike Willie Nelson, but I kinda like everything he sings (sang).

On the way home, I shall probably sing along to Mahler's Das Lied von der Erde or Celine Dion. :twisted:

While my literary horizons continue to expand, I find that I just want more of the same stuff I've always liked in music.

amner 23rd May 2005 15:33

Actually, Cash does Desperado on American IV...

ono no komachi 23rd May 2005 16:03

I seem to be out of sorts today when it comes to music. Even 6 Music (where I can usually find something non-mainstream enough to suit me) was irritating me earlier. I tuned around until I found a cello concerto on Radio 3. That soothed me for a while, but then it was operatic arias which had me ripping the headphones off.

Maybe I'm off music because I had a dream last night where I was trying to sing The Way You Look Tonight, accompanied on the piano by Boris Johnson, who insisted on playing it at much too fast a tempo and pounding too hard on the keys. And I kept forgetting the first line.

Does that count as a nightmare?

NottyImp 23rd May 2005 16:05


...accompanied on the piano by Boris Johnson, who insisted on playing it at much too fast a tempo and pounding too hard on the keys...
He just would, wouldn't he? :lol:

ono no komachi 23rd May 2005 16:10


Originally Posted by NottyImp

...accompanied on the piano by Boris Johnson, who insisted on playing it at much too fast a tempo and pounding too hard on the keys...
He just would, wouldn't he? :lol:

Well, quite. I hope no-one's reading anything Freudian into this.

John Self 23rd May 2005 16:16

I have only heard Hurt once, when the video featured on the Top 100 Music Videos of All Time thing recently on C4. They were right.

I mostly listen to music when gyming these days (my car has only a crappy cassette player which chews all the tapes, so I don't listen to music-chosen-by-me there), and as my iPod shuffle delivers songs at random, there aren't any I'm selecting myself - though I do get an extra boost of endorphins when it serves up anything by the Killers, or (in tune with Col) There She Goes, My Beautiful World.

The only music purchases I've made recently are on iTunes: Jem's They, and, er, Rod Stewart's Handbags and Gladrags. Let me explain the latter. I was driving into town on Saturday morning when it came on Jonathan Ross's Radio 2 show. I was only half-listening because the song has become, if not devalued, then at least wildly over-familiar from the Stereophonics cover version as featured in the credits to The Office. Imagine my surprise when Rod Stewart's version was so well delivered that I found it impossibly beautiful and was practically on the brink of tears listening to it. Rod Stewart in not crap shock? Well, he's always had a certain amount of good taste in songs he covers - Downtown Train for example - but his buffoonish image has always made me dismiss him as a bit of a joke. Was I wrong?

Oh and for the near future: I will be buying Gorillaz' Demon Days, White Stripes' Get Behind Me Satan, and probably Coldplay's X&Y.

RC 23rd May 2005 16:40


impossibly beautiful
I'm stealing this phrase. I need it. Right, HP? Wasn't I struggling to say this a couple days ago?

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