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3rd Jan 2006, 14:25
Just a quick one really. Took my available siblings and sibling-in-law-to-be to see this just after Christmas.

Great fun, lively excitable, terribly terribly gay, Uma Thurman with legs up to Matthew Broderick's eyebrows, songs, glitter, springtime, pazzaz, goose-stepping showgirls in lederhosen....

and yet, I somehow felt that this is meant to be seen on stage, it's not a film, there's nothing in here that couldn't - and isn't - done in the stage show, no alterations that make it different or more extraordinary. And, while I laughed away with all the rest of the audience, I didn't come away with that feeling that I had just witnessed something magical. It was as if I had watched a video of the play, and it had lost all the magic of the theatre by being on a screen. I felt much the same after watching Chicago the other night, again kind of let down. Moulin Rouge on the other hand is a film film, it has cinematographic magic in it and it works as a film because of that.

I think, when all's said and done, despite being very slick and lots of fun, these masterpieces of the stage, Producers and Chicago, need to stay on stage, they gain little by being made up for the cinema although I managed to get tickets for them unlike seeing them in London.


3rd Jan 2006, 14:28
Mark Kermode said something very similar on the radio, digger. Basically this new version is just a film of the stage show - complete with all the overacting that is required on stage. I am really keen to see the original of this though, which is supposed to be a classic.

3rd Jan 2006, 14:36
yes, that I would like to see, and I'd love to see Broderick and Lane on stage, they really were great!

John Self
3rd Jan 2006, 14:55
I did wonder what the point of this film was - why translate something from screen to stage and then back to screen? I haven't seen either version so can't compare them.

3rd Jan 2006, 15:33
To make shovelloads of cash I should imagine, given the incredible Broadway & West End success.

I saw Lane in the West End. He was fabulous. It was a stunning and hilarious show. Not sure I want to see the film. Like Chicago, am sure it will lose something without the electricity, atmosphere and interaction of an stage/audience dynamic.

3rd Jan 2006, 15:35
Nathan Lane's best purformance is, I maintain, as the voice of the cat in the Stuart Little films.

3rd Jan 2006, 15:36
Though, to continue the theme, he is also good in Mousehunt.

3rd Jan 2006, 15:46
And the Birdcage

John Self
4th Apr 2006, 12:46
Have booked tickets to see this on Broadway next Saturday night - St James's Theatre, I think. Sadly Nathan Lane isn't in it any more but I'm looking forward to it anyway. Will let you know.

7th Apr 2006, 14:33
Haven't seen it, but I'd like to. I don't get to the theatre much, so am unlikely to get to see this on the stage, so perhaps me and people like me are the reason this has been filmed - a new audience.

12th Aug 2006, 4:27
The original is great and contains one of my favourite movie lines (which I won't repeat - it doesn't work out of context!). It isn't a perfect film, but the action that leads from the opening titles to the conception of the plan is one of the finest pieces of comedy I've ever seen, Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder are unbelievable.